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Authentic Italian Sauces

The taste of nostalgia from
The kitchens of First and Last Tavern

We all love a good pasta sauce, and First and Last pasta sauce is truly something to write home about. If you've ever eaten at First and Last Tavern you know the quality and taste of all 3 varieties, Traditional, Marinara, and Puttanesca. All the sauces are made and bottled on the premises.

Original Traditional Pasta Sauce

Marinara Pasta Sauce

Puttanesca Pasta Sauce



Attractive Gift Baskets of Everything to
Make Your Own Perfect Pasta Dishes

An assortment of attractive gift baskets contain sauces, olives, and more. The larger baskets provide everything you need to make your perfect pasta dishes at home, including spices, pasta utensils, and gourmet coffee.
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